A Simple Brew...

How yal’ brewing out there?

Coffee is so important but overlooked in households all over the world. Some, can’t begin their day without it. It’s fuel for the day and has become apart of your everyday routine. But while it seems easy to whip up a pot of coffee at your house, there are lots of things that play into how good your coffee will be.

For coffee lovers and caffeine enthusiast, there are a few things you can tweak if you want to make a good pot of coffee, and these apply whether you prefer pour over coffee, drip coffee, or coffee made in a press.

The water you use is IMPORTANT. Avoid using water from the tap, the chemicals and other properties in the water can distort and even ruin the taste of your cup of coffee.

How much? 
A good rule of thumb is use 2 Tbsp of grounds for every 6 ounces you plan to brew. Water to coffee ratio is key.

Note: Try to brew coffee in smaller batches. If you have to brew two pots, that’s ok. That just means the first batch was great!

Too hot for you?
Yes. The temperature of your brew can determine the quality of your brew. The ideal temperature for water in brewing is 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to make your brew with room temperature water as opposed to cold bottled water. Cold water prolongs the heating time and can effect your brew taste.

Look…overall, you have to experiment with your batch brew and also listen to your taste pallet. Just like I did, you’re going to make some bad coffee. Just look at it as your road to the perfect batch brew that you can show off to your family.


From Mama’s Brew Porch

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